Frequently asked question

We will answer some of your deepest darkest questions that you have for us. Find out below all the behind the scenes stuff. Or take the chance to click HERE to ask us something that you have always wondered. 

WHere does all the creativity come from?

Youtube, talking to people, going to comedy shows, taking classes, reading books, watching television, taking days off to wander around the world. As much as we love to output, and as often as we produce content that only comes after we have put a whole bunch of input into the system. Becoming learners of the world around and training ourselves to see opportunity everywhere is something we have worked incredibly hard over the years to be able to do. Just like you go to work and do the job you do to the best of your ability creativity is the world we are absorbed in and we train it every single day.

How many people work at creativision?

This is a fluctuating number all the time. It used to be 23 full time employees but we discovered along the way that after 10 years of working together all the time that in fact many of us were getting stuck, bringing up old projects and putting new packages on them. So, now we are a group of freelancers all working together with open and clear minds to bring you the best possible results. Now there is usually 15-20 projects on the go at one time with anywhere from 3 to 20 people working on those projects. Those people are from all over the world (which usually means work can be getting done 24 hours a day) and have all kinds of talent. They are animators, videographers, photographers, content writers, comedians, improv artists, graphic designers, etc…you name it, we have one of those on our team. Better than that we can pull together any team you need for whatever project you are working on.  

Can I work for Creativision?

Sure you can. Do you have a burning desire to do things a little different? Do you find yourself stomping all over boxes from day to day? Do you find that you don’t want to talk about the current work that you do very often? Would you like to flip your desk upside down more days than you don’t? Do you use crayons instead of a ballpoint pen? Do you absorb an enormous amount of content that is boiling over waiting to bust out? Do you own a hoodie? Then it seems like you are perfectly suited to be in the creative field and we would love to chat with you. There is always something fun going on here and we are always looking forward to collaborating with others. Even better than that we love helping others quit their day jobs and find a way to make their living doing the thing they love. #lovewhatyoudo. Soooooo….yes you better connect with us. Do it now. Quick. Hurry. Click here and send us a note immediately.

What kind of budgets do you normally work with?

We’re very lucky to get to work on all kinds of projects. We have worked on creative campaigns that have had budgets of over $150,000 and we have worked on video projects that have a $1500 budget. We love all of the projects. It’s almost never the money that excites us, it is good though, businesses do seem to need money to operate. But mostly it’s the ideas that get us excited. We want to challenge ourselves, we want to challenge our clients, we want to challenge consumers. When we have huge budgets to work with it can be fun to bring in all kinds of people and try new things and test out equipment. When we have really small budgets and large constraints it’s always amazing to try and find the creative solutions to any and all of those projects. We specialize in creativity for a reason, there is always a way.